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HMO PROJECT  - Balmoral Road - Gillingham

Phase One


With the property looking tired and its space not used to its full potential, professional plans were put in place to create a fantastic 6 bedroom, modern HMO to house people who need it most. With each room we wanted to guarantee each room was spacious with its own ensuite to create privacy within their home. With HMO such plans take time and reflection, but after consideration and approval, we decided to run with this project.

Phase Two


Extensive reconstruction was required in order to volumise potential. After reconstruction, we produced 6 new ensuites, 6 new bedrooms, a communal toilet, a communal garden area and a large communal kitchen, with security fitted to each for their peace of mind. It entailed a new heating system, a complete rewire, full redecoration, new flooring throughout, garden landscaping and a security system fitted.

Phase Three


Creating a spacious, sleek yet practical purpose to the property worked effectively and efficiently. Taking many aspects into considering when planning crafted a fantastic outcome and housing 6 new tenants.

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